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The challenge of PKM

For so long I’ve been searching for an effective guide that enables individuals to design their personal information architecture. It’s something I’ve struggled with personally for a long time. I have defaulted to personal mastery over a small set of tools that primarily enable creation, and I’ve let the march of technical progress fill in the occasional piece of integration latticework necessary for making all the underlying pieces work together (from Windows to global TCP/IP accessibility to browser access to low-cost cellular infrastructure.) All these elements have emerged and provided threading or trailing interface or integration capabilities.
Of course what I’m looking for is available by finding and subscribing to a critical mass of personal information focused blogs and newsfeeds. Ot at least it is so in theory. But in pondering writing this, I’ve been searching in vain for a long-ago written article by George Bond from Byte Magazine about the ecology of personal information. it was one of the most influential pieces I ever read, but over time, I’ve lost touch with both the specifics and the general precepts.
The fallout from looking (again) for an instance of that piece online is that I stated combing through the Byte magazine archives. It’s hard to believe that a publication that was so informationally-dense no longer exists. I guess there was a time that you could “cover the waterfront” so to speak in terms of “Personal computing technology” and do so effectively. There isn’t anything remotely close to it today — to achieve the same effect, you need to scour a variety of feeds.
I further reflect on the fate of publishing with the apparent pending demise of Ziff Davis. Perhaps I am experiencing premature nostalgia for an earlier era when information seemed manageable. Or certainly the commentary about its management could be constructed profitably and cohesively in hierarchical units. Now the ability to accomplish that end is more fleeting.