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Social being: an emergent theory of organizational performance

Social being an emergent theory of organizational performance.

Our Signal Document.

The 200 Top-Scoring Reddit Posts of All Time, Visualized

My vote for Infographic of the year.

The 200 Top-Scoring Reddit Posts of All Time, Visualized.

E20 conference find

Spgit co-founder has new enterprise social intelligence tool.

Social Lair

More to follow.

The Economics of Utopia

My senior “thesis”, such that it was (Penn didn’t require a final paper) was written for a course in Comparative Literature called “The Utopian Imagination.” It was a survey of utopianism from St. Thomas More cargo cults. My undergrad major was Economics, so I pondered “how were resources considered in utopian literature?” Through that lens, it was interesting to see how much concern there was for allocation of resources (with the underlying concern for optimizing the net social good, meaning the good of all, as that’s the definition of Utopia, in its most distilled form.)

I’ve been pondering our co-learning efforts against the background of professional development efforts thinking about behavioral and performance optimizations along gradients and wavefronts. Somehow it hit me that was on about the same topic as my putative thesis, all those years ago. One cut through what we’re doing, I’ll asset, is developing a fleshed-out framework for nudging humanity toward something resembling utopian ideals.

I’m not judging this, and I’m sure the effort to write a book of more fleshed-out thesis is in the offing from this. Maybe a background in the isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Change is Good, But Also Really Hard

Om Malik’s thoughtful and richly illustrated rumination on culture in the modern tech company.

Hello Indeed

Ontologique Inc. is the new hang out for Joe Raimondo, Doug Breitbart and associates. Our efforts are aimed toward developing maps and tools for evolving business toward agility and amenity. Our initial efforts revolve around developmental notions in agent design, semantic filtering, and signaling ontologies.