Ontologique is the collaborative brainchild of Joe Raimondo and his co-venturer in the wilds of the semantically aware web, Doug Breitbart.  Our firm is dedicated to pursuit of an array of shared passions and convictions about technology in service to enhancement of meaning, understanding, knowledge and improvement of human productivity and the human condition, rather than the other way around.

We are semantic alchemists. We will collect and refine our clients’ business intellectual capital, intellectual property, human capital, tangible and intangible assets, market share, and/or entrepreneurial  goals, dreams and aspirations, and reveal the gold therein.

We are a full-service consultancy, with an extensive array of associated independent subject matter experts and gurus. We assist large enterprises with transition to a values and meaning based architecture and knowledge enabled and empowered organizational and operational schema. We also assist with the strategic and developmental transition of large enterprises into socially evolved and interactive organizations.

Finally, we are invaluable consultative executive partners for those seeking to launch new ventures, evolve early stage ventures, or turn around well conceived but poorly performing ventures that find themselves at the convergence of Web3.0, social media, gaming and game theory, and innovative enterprise-wide content management and search technologies.


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