The Wickedness Behind Most 21st-Century Leadership Failures: Hyper-rationality?

Reading The Wickedness Behind Most 21st-Century Leadership Failures-Harvard Business Review Blog got me thinking. In this case wicked is used in the sense of “wicked problem” rather than “wicked witch”.

I will come out an use the e word — evil — to characterize the hyper-rational business practices that prevail and in fact are continually gathering control in the face of a much more abstract plane of commercial ans social interaction. The modern entterprise has devolved into a state where only those discernable facts, which are measureable, are wothy of being managed, and ll other non-conforming facts (like human expression and intelligence) are, ate best, swueezed into confining rows and cells. The modern neterprise is de-naturing humanity for the sake of a kind of rational boundary that doesn’t really exist (See The Black Swan for the reason this is so.) But the hyper-rationalist regime has begun to metastasize into something that serves itself only in a very tight temporal window to the exclusion of the ability to serve any other constituency and any other time frame.

It’s hard to find a spot on the horizon where the hyper-rationalist regime we are living under (in terms of organizational theory) eventually bends back on itself into a kind of true irrationality. This point is important because when the capacity to analyze in a rational fashion breaks down completely, that is the point at which the window for a new analytical perspective, one I’ll call irationality becomes possible. This is i in the sense of the square root if -1. it’s an imaginary rationality, one that only makes sens outside of a fixed Cartesian plane of thinking. How we get there isn’t clear. But there are a lot of bread crumbs on the trail, and it’s the laying of those crumbs that is one of the emerging themes of this blog.


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