Kevin Kelly’s 6 Verbs For Connected World, and a suggested 7th

Kevin Kelly is a deep thinker. His “Out of Control” spun my head around back in the 90’s, as he really synthesized developments at the forefront of computer science and evolutionary biology and complexity theory. He’s now writing and thinking about “what technology wants from us” and really flips the equation as he sees that the overall emergence of global forces is what drives human evolution, and although humans have an impact, it’s a much richer universe of forces in which our interactions with the world are shaped.

Kelly proposes The 6 Verbs For The Next 20 Years Of The Connected World. I would suggest a seventh, borrowing Ted Nelson’s wonderful neologism intertwingling. The challenge will be to open up our cognitive frame to include other dimensionality in order to adopt the other terms in a more useful context.

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