What does an ontological future look like really?

I’ve been trying to piece together the swirling ideas that resulted in a dream-like vision I’ve had — of people looking at “triples” on 60’s era electromechanical equipment. There’s a paradox built into the vision. It’s my sub-conscious trying to call up the best way to think about this particular future. It’s unrecognizable.
Advances in linguistic and computing science have brought us to a precipice — an inflection point upward in terms of the capacity of technology to advance free ideas, transparency, and accountability.
Similarly, advances in the now spectrum of fields in human cognition — from language philosophy to hard-science brain imaging — enable a new set of models for developing frameworks for allowing people to leverage the info-flood that’s been unleashed.
We’re hunter-gatherers — we will work out the path toward information processing systems FINALLY recognizing the exquisite human sensory system rather than pushing it into the background.
But the future that uses these things — and more — in terms of advances in materials and biology — it will be unrecognizable. A poly-mutable reality. It’s thrilling, and certainly not everyone greets this future with our enthusiasm.

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