Social being: an emergent theory of organizational performance

Social being an emergent theory of organizational performance.

Our Signal Document.

How You Know

How You Know.

Paul Graham provides a perfect summary of Chez Episteme.

Where we are at

We are mostly in John Kellden’s Conversation Community on Google+. We connected to John via Howard Rheingold.
We’re developing a value web there.

Also working on 

Relational Ontology, Constituent Ontology, and Divine Simplicity

A Sketch of the Difference between Two Ontological Styles What it is for a thing to have a property? Ostrich nominalism aside, it is a Moorean fact that things have properties, but the nature of the having is a philosophical…


Study everything, join nothing. 

La sphère sémantique, tome 1

Pierre Levy. The Master.

La sphère sémantique, tome 1.

Model driven, Adaptive & Semantic

Semantic to the core — love the boldness.

Be Informed .

Digital Leakage

See on Scoop.itCarrier Signal

We live in a world of digital leakage. Digital technology is like hydrochloric acid. It does not recognize borders.It burns through everything. Geographies, business models, industry definitions. I…

Joe Raimondo‘s insight:

Entropy sets in, man.

See on

The 200 Top-Scoring Reddit Posts of All Time, Visualized

My vote for Infographic of the year.

The 200 Top-Scoring Reddit Posts of All Time, Visualized.

Metaphors matter: Talking about how we talk about organizations

Metaphors matter: Talking about how we talk about organizations

Stowe Boyd, the author, is pitching this at just the right level.

Putting in stakes

Partner has served me notice that he thinks I should set my sights on writing as the ultimate way forward. I come up with the prevailing reality; writing is a tough way to make a living, if making a living is your thing. And confronting that blank page. Brutal.
But, I have had an epiphany of what it is to be a writer — a content producer, fi you will. Having some facility and skill at it is a good start, I suppose. But my focus — too diffuse. Too meta. Attention deployed across too many spheres to make the move of jettisoning all of that for the sake of pursing the being of being a writer.
Yet it does make me wonder.
I’m reading “You are a Writer.” I’m getting new input from a number of unexpected sources. Pushing me to get up in front of what I am not facing, not working through. Afraid of (c.f., “The Flinch“, which I’m also reading.)

Working on this blog is a good place to put in stakes. It is the summation of my interests. It’s a shared effort, with Doug, so the formation of a real writing effort is something that would be our intent in terms of what emerges from this process.


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